Kids Mental Health and physical activity

Remember being a kid?

Running about, playing tig, football, playing out at the park, riding your bike, climbing trees, how good did it feel at the time and afterwards?

It’s been proven that those who are physically active and regularly exercise are happier! :-)

Why does being active matter?

We all know that being physically active is good for our bodies. But our physical health and mental health are closely linked – so physical activity can be very beneficial

Regular physical activity releases endorphins which in return, results in a happy child! When a child is especially enjoying a sport or any physical activity, their overall mood will remain positive.

Studies have now shown that physical activity can also be an effective way of reducing stress. So if your child is feeling a bit stressed, get them to play outside, run and jump about, or even better, use the Mini Monsters activities?

Physical Activity Builds confidence and self esteem.

It’s essential for children to develop their personalities and self-esteem in a supportive environment where they can learn about confidence, character-building and working within a team.

Physical activity can also positively boost your child’s self-image, regardless of their physical appearance. Completing tasks and winning can really elevate their own perception of themselves and help them gain some confidence in their own self-worth.

It decreases the risk of depression and anxiety.

Evidence shows that introducing physical activity from a young age reduces the risks of your child developing anxiety and/or depression because it helps your child learn how to cope with stress.

Finally, Physical activity can be fun!

And when we are having fun we are happy!!

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