How times have changed.....

Remember Roger red hat and Billy blue hat?

The teacher wrote everything on the chalkboard, and we had one computer in the corner of the classroom, and if we were lucky we got 10 minutes on it.

How times have changed..... the lonesome computer and chalkboard have moved way for new technology such as iPads and interactive boards.

Technology has made our lives easier. But with this positive there also comes a negative as children are becoming less active.

The UK is ranked 9th in the world for childhood obesity. One thing that hasn't changed, and if anything is more important than ever, is Physical activity.

The Mini Monsters team are on a mission to inspire and educate children from an early age to enjoy physical activity and equip them with the tools of Physical literacy to create happy active lives.

What is Physical literacy?

In a nutshell Physical literacy is the building blocks that lead to an active healthy lifestyle.

Mini Monster Box's focus on supporting your child's gross and fine motor skills and develop the all important ABC's....

Agility, Balance and Coordination,

through fun, creative and educational activities.

Give your child a head start and choose a Mini Monsters Box to support your child's physical development.

For more information on physical literacy click n the link below....

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