Easter fun at home

Easter is almost upon us and we wanted to give you some fun Easter themed ideas that you could do with your Mini Monster at home.

Capture the Easter Bunny

Equipment: Three items that can be used for tales (we like to use scarfs) that can be tucked into your Mini Monsters shorts/skirt/trousers etc.

Set-Up: Create an area big enough for your Mini Monster to move in. At each end have a safe zone (known as the rabbit holes).

Activity: Tell your Mini Monster they are the Easter Bunny. They need to get from one rabbit hole to the other without losing their tale. You will be the naughty fox trying to pinch their tales. To start the game the fox shouts Easter eggs. If the fox pinches a tale the rabbit has to change the way they move (our favourites are running, jumping and hopping).

Classic egg and spoon race

Equipment: Wooden spoon/ normal size spoon, eggs/socks rolled into balls (anything that can sit on the spoon our favourite is to use chocolate eggs that the winner can eat at the end)

Set-up: Create with a start and a finish line.

Activity: This one is a race so your Mini Monster will need a fellow competitor. Stand at the starting line with the Egg on top of the spoon. Set the competitors off and the first to finish is the champion. If the egg falls off, STOP, put it back on and carry on. No cheating by having their thumb on the egg. Add some obstacles to make it harder.

Egg-stream throwing

Equipment: Eggs (definitely hardboiled)/socks rolled into balls (again our favourite is to use chocolate eggs that can be eaten at the end as a reward), Target (basket or something to throw into).

Set up: Have the target in the centre of the area you are playing. Have some different height objects to throw over as an extra challenge.

Activity: Explain to your Mini Monster that every time they get to keep the eggs that land in the basket they can eat it. Start with an easy throw close to the basket. Every time your Mini Monster is successful they need to move further away from the target. Can they get it over the objects?

Easter Egg Hunt

Equipment: Lot's of chocolate Easter eggs, something to put the eggs in e.g a bowl.

Set up: Hide all the eggs around the house/ garden

Activity: Tell your Mini Monster they need to go and find all the eggs. Once they find one they must bring it back put it in the bowl and you must then do a moving challenge for 5 seconds. Our favourites are animal movements e.g Stomp like an Elephant, run fast like a Cheetah, sliver like a snake etc.

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