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Our themed boxes offer a fun, age-appropriate introduction to physical development. They are bursting with activities to get your little one moving. 

Box 1 sees us take a trip to the zoo. Our specially crafted box contains:

  • Instruction cards for 5 activities

  • Zoo map

  • Zookeeper whistle

  • Animal face mask

  • Animal action cards

  • 4 x coloured floor cones

  • 4 x coloured balls

  • Balloons

  • Animal paddle

  • Animal tweezers

  • Feeding bucket

  • Pom Poms



Our sibling boxes contain enough equipment for two children to enjoy all the activities. No more fighting over the contents! In their first box they will receive an extra:

  • Animal mask

  • Animal paddle

  • Mini Monster balloons

  • Tweezers

  • Extra pom pom's


Girl holdng mini monsters box map

Laura, Ilkeston

My 3 year old daughter loved her first Mini Monsters Box, it really got her imagination going and she enjoyed all the activities! Would highly recommend to keep the little ones entertained.

Two boys holding mini mosters subscription box

John, York

Max (4) and Leo (2) both loved the activities. What a great way to keep them active whilst stuck indoors!

Boy openig Mini Monsters subscription box

Matthew, Leeds

Albie loved going on his pirate adventure and completing all the tasks. Definitely got him moving and tired him out. We're all looking forward to the next box.